• Elspeth, I don’t think I actually thanked you properly for everything you have done for me. On top of my period pain, you helped me through the most stressful period of my life. I also appreciate all the advice you have given me about healthy living and I really enjoyed our conversations. You are a very wise and inspirational woman. Although I’m sure I’ll come and visit you again, I just wanted to tell you that. K R
  • I would like to let you know that I am 12 weeks pregnant and feeling fabulous! No morning sickness whatsoever. I send you lots of hugs and thanks for everything you have done for me. That tonic is something special. Thank you again Elspeth. Inger x And later on Just to let you know that our little baby girl India arrived on the 6/04/2009 4 weeks early. I Had a fantastic labour - 5 1/2 hours no tears and only used gas. I had ruptured my membranes and was not contracting and the DR wanted to commence me on the synto infusion and I said that I wanted to wait. I commenced taking the Birthing and After Pains formula with the Pregnancy tea supplied by you, and my contractions started on their own with no medical intervention so I was really happy. I want to thank you so much for everything. I have had a great pregnancy and a lovely labour and now have a amazing, gorgeous little girl. She is healthy and breastfeeding really well. She weighed 3370 grams 7 1/2 pounds. Thanks again and I will stay in touch and will use your services again when I next require help. Inger xx
  • Hi Elspeth, I’m sleeping again now and not hot flushing (much) at all! Thank you, thank you! M S
  • Thank you for your reply a few weeks back regarding my friend and her eye infection. I appreciate you taking the time to ring me back and share your advice. My friend followed the advice for the next 24 hours and avoided further infection and possible antibiotic treatment. I am happy I could offer her acute treatment options/advice. It gave me peace of mind that I felt comfortable that I could ring a trusted, experienced professional for advice. Thank you. Melissa, Perth
  • Thank you for all your help. I have hardly any cramping. The periods are no longer excessive. I had a new ultrasound and the thickened lining on my uterus has decreased. I no longer need to have the operation. Thank you so much. D.C. Armadale
  • H had her ears checked today and they are clear of glue! We wanted to let you know how grateful we are for your knowledge and help. Ann, Fremantle
  • Dear Elspeth, I want to thank you in writing for how much you have helped me. I feel lucky to have found you. K. A.
  • The headaches have gone and I’m starting to wake in the morning with energy. All this in two short weeks. Thank you M J, Perth
  • Thank you for imparting your valuable knowledge with enthusiasm and passion. You are a role model for what I can achieve with my health. I am amazed at your ability to stay genuinely compassionate for your clients. S.B. Fremantle
  • This message is to say that the latest pap smear test came back CLEAR! Thank you so much. T. G, Perth
  • I want to thank you for your generous loving spirit. All the times I have rung you distressed you always made time for me. All the support financially has enabled me to keep on top of my needed herbs, that otherwise I would have had to go without. I have so much to thank you for, maybe even my life. I am so glad you came into my life. You are a very special person. Carmel, Fremantle
  • A little note to say that I appreciate all the little extra things that you do to help my family and I. J B, Perth
  • I just wanted to thank you for the way you’ve listened and helped me in the past two consultations. I feel like I am making progress. Thank you. H J, Perth
  • Just a little note to thank you for all your love and inspiration that you have given me over the last 6 years of my life. Whenever I am at my lowest ebb I always turn to you and you are always there for me. You are the reason I never gave up on myself. Although I still lack confidence and suffer from low self esteem I have made it this far and I’m never going to stop! I believe in you and you are one of the most amazing women I have ever had the pleasure of coming into contact with. With much love and thanks. J. D, Perth
  • Thank you very much for all your advice and your time from the bottom of my heart. I’d like to thank you for everything. Nikki
  • Thank you for your care and expertise during my pregnancy. You managed to raise my iron levels from very low to well within the normal range, even during pregnancy. You also reduced the early contractions, and I went on to deliver a healthy baby at term, with a fantastic, smooth labour and great post natal recovery, which I attribute to your help in preparing my body and being in optimal health. Thank you very much! Katie
  • Thank you so much Elspeth for your invaluable help. My husband and I had tried unsuccessfully for over 2 years to start a family and after only 2 months of herbal treatment with you it finally happened. I firmly believe it would not have without your help. We now have a healthy and beautiful 3 month old girl and I could not imagine life without her. Friends that I have recommended see you also report excellent results with various health issues. You are a very knowledgeable and caring Practitioner and I have every confidence in your abilities to help look after my family’s health in the future. Mel
  • I cannot thank you enough for all the help you have given both me and my kids. Your care, concern and commitment have far exceeded anything I could have hoped for. It is a huge tribute to your expertise, intuition and compassion that my kids are now glowing with good health. My son practically looks like a different person. Rosy cheeks and SO much energy. So thank you! Melanie
  • I am following the two week detoxification diet on your website. I have just had my first liver flush drink. It tasted really nice and did you know... The pain in my shoulder decreased 60% almost immediately! So I think I will be doing this for the 2 weeks! Zalia
  • I wish to express enormous appreciation for all you have been to our family. So bless you for your great skills and amazing gifts. Patricia
  • I had a check up at last and the CIN2 has gone to CIN1 and on examination, did not require any further western medical interventions (hooray!!). Phillipa
  • Enormous ‘thank you’s for your care, wisdom and knowledge. Chiara
  • Thank you for your help and encouragement. I feel a lot more settled and sure of myself so you may not hear from me for some time. It’s a great feeling to know I have a very approachable herbalist/iridologist when I need her. Thank you again Elspeth, you gave me a lot of your time! You really listened! You truly inspired me. Julie
  • Elspeth, I can never thank you enough for the advice you give my family. Your role in our lives is invaluable. You have brought so much faith in natural medicine back into my life and so much healing advice to me for my family. You are an angel from heaven and an asset to this world. D’s skin is no longer scabby and dry, it’s back to being baby soft. Thank you a thousand times. Amy
  • Elspeth, I want to thank you for all the love, support and healing wisdom you gave me last year. It was one of the hardest years to date and you were one of the dear souls who helped me in my dark night. Z. J.
  • I just want to say a big thanks for sharing your wise woman’s wisdom with me. Tor, Fremantle
  • C just received very good scan results, with cancer cells all gone. We are very happy. She will complete her chemo course and maintain her nutrients and other things she’s doing. Thanks for your generous and kind support. M.W. Fremantle
  • Just wanted to say thank you! I believe the tonic and tea worked. I had a natural birth with some gas! Very happy about a 12 hour labour 🙂 Melissa
  • My periods have taken a really positive step towards being pain free and minimal inflammation:) there is still more work to be done, but they almost feel like what I remember my periods use to be!!!! Thank you for all you have done for me:) Emma
  • Many thanks again for this, and for the free consultation, and for sharing your comprehensive and amazing knowledge. Anne
  • Hi Elspeth, My health has improved considerably. I've changed my kitchen and the food I eat. I like the way it is saves me time and is less cleaning up. Mum said I looked 5 years younger. We've been sharing all we know about health and well being.  She need to lose some weight after taking a 43day cruise last year. Thank you so much. Kerrin
  • Thanks Elspeth.  With my first child I used your tea and tonic. I had three hours easy labour.  When I knew I was pregnant the second time I ordered the tea and tonic straight away. I haven't use the birthing tonic and I'm hoping it'll help as well.  I'm very please that a friend referred my to you and your site.  I'm very happy with your products. 
  • Thank you, Elspeth, for your help, support and care over the last 6 months. It really made a challenging situation a bit easier. Chloe
  • Thank you for all your years of support, and for keeping me healthy! You are so amazing at what you do. I appreciate your wisdom, kindness, brilliance and generosity. Michelle

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