How to set up Chatbot on Streamlabs?

streamlabs chatbot name

Yes, you can integrate other chat platforms, such as Discord, Facebook Messenger, and Twitter, with Streamlabs by using third-party integrations and chatbots. Some popular chatbot platforms that support Streamlabs integration include StreamElements and Nightbot. It only takes a few minutes to add a Streamlabs chatbot to your stream, and it doesn’t require any prior coding knowledge. All you have to do now is follow these instructions one at a time. Go to and select your platform for more information.

streamlabs chatbot name

I have been trying to set up the streamlabs chatbox and it works fine and everything but whenever someone’s name is longer than five letters it cuts the rest of it off. I have tried looking at all the options but can’t seem to find anything that can help me. View our privacy policy to learn about how we use your information. One of the little details you can add to your stream to make it appear more personal and that you’ve put some thought into it is a personalized bot name.


What exactly do you want your chatbot to do, and its primary goals? Consider how you would like to engage with your customers. It might be done through your website, mobile app, Facebook, WhatsApp, or another messaging service.

streamlabs chatbot name

In the world of streaming, countless small touches like these are taken together; they distinguish your show from the competition. By default, Twitch will ask you to authorize your primary account. To begin, ensure you have your main Twitch account merged. If you’d like to add another account, you can do so from the Account Settings page. After your account is merged, login, and navigate to Cloudbot to make sure it is enabled.

Step 1First, you need to create a Twitch account for your bot.

It is like Twitch’s Prediction System but uses the viewer’s Streamlabs’ Loyalty points and not their Twitch Channel Points. You are able to change the name of your StreamElements bot to almost anything you want, this article will show how in four easy steps and give you ideas on what to change it to. Make sure you have the Alert Box open and go to your primary Twitch channel to test out your new bot name.

  • Choose “Run as Administrator” from the context menu when right-clicking your Chatbot Shortcut.
  • While playing games or downloading any stuff enables you to communicate with your audience.
  • Now connecting with your audience on Twitch, YouTube, or Mixer is a breeze, thanks to the Streamlabs chatbot.
  • You are able to change the name of your StreamElements bot to almost anything you want, this article will show how in four easy steps and give you ideas on what to change it to.
  • If Streamlabs Chatbot isn’t responding to commands, it could be due to syntax errors, conflicts with other programs, or incorrect user levels.
  • Video gaming and music are two of the passions he shares on his stream.

To get started naming your Cloudbot, visit the Cloudbot dashboard and follow the steps below. Before we start, it’s important to know that in order to change your Streamlabs bot name, you’ll need to sign up for Streamlabs Prime. If you’re on the fence about whether or not Streamlabs Prime is a worthwhile investment for your stream, head on over to our Streamlabs Prime Complete Guide.

They are also employed for many professional responsibilities, like budget-saving and planning meetings. Bet you can’t find a lot of chatbots that do that Streamlabs is the only cloud-based chatbot that supports YouTube and Twitch at the same time. Your highly optimized bot features and data aren’t lost. Simply log into another desktop with your drive and restore all lost data within minutes, accessible from anywhere.

Consider the algorithm of the chatbot’s activities before creating a database of replies, and be sure to test the chatbot’s performance. Displays a random user that has spoken in chat recently. In case of Twitch it’s the random user’s name
in lower case characters. Displays the target’s id, in case of Twitch it’s the target’s name in lower case characters.

Step 3

If Streamlabs Chatbot isn’t responding to commands, it could be due to syntax errors, conflicts with other programs, or incorrect user levels. To fix this issue, restart the program, reset your authorization token, and check for any conflicts with other programs. If you got Streamlabs Prime, your bot could have another twitch account.

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If you set up a store, you will also need to set up your Loyalty. Again, if you are starting streaming, advice would be not to have a store until you learn about yourself as a streamer and your viewers. As the name means, Loyalty gives track to your most loyal viewers. Your viewers can earn points through watching, subscribing, donating, etc. They can then use those points in minigames and your store. If you are starting streaming, you should leave this /OFF/ until you have a complete plan on how to use this feature.


You choose to install all of them or just a few of them. For example, we are merely installing the chatbox widget in the image below. The Streamlabs chatbox widget has several options that you can tweak to make your conversation box unique.Step 1Go to the Streamlabs website and sign up for an account. You can add widgets to other streaming applications like OBS Studio if you aren’t using Streamlabs Desktop.

streamlabs chatbot name

Use Streamlab’s chatbot to enhance your YouTube, Twitch, and Mixer channels. Streamlabs provides user instructions for Python 2.7.13, Twitch, YouTube, and Mixer in PDF format. Using official Streamlabs chatbot documentation, we’ve produced the following recommendations. Store assists you in setting up rewards for your viewers to claim with their loyalty points.

Step 1

If you are still here, I hope this troubleshooting information will be helpful to you. Your stream will have a more distinctive atmosphere due to Streamlabs chatbot’s bespoke instructions, leading to more audience engagement. Two of the most popular online video-streaming sites are YouTube and Twitch. No one would argue against simplifying communication with their audience.

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