Herbal Medicine


Herbal Medicine

Herbs have been used for hundreds of years in every corner of the planet, for healing, ritual, spiritual practices and in food preparation for their enticing flavours and their ability to preserve foods.
When you use pure herbal medicines in your self-healing journey, you are taking in healing substances in the way that nature intended – simple, pure and without harmful side effects.

How herbal medicine works

Herbs are selected according to their dominant properties for healing. Herbal treatment for your condition will take into account the weaknesses that present themselves, and may include treatment for organs and systems that do not seem to be directly involved with your symptoms. This is because in herbal medicine we treat the whole person.

Why we use the whole herb

There is no need to isolate out the active ingredients from these powerful and magnificent plants. When you split apart a whole plant, you fractionate its wholeness, and produce compounds that are concentrated, and just as capable of causing harm as good in your body.


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