Detox For Health


Detox For Health

Elspeth uses a simple, short-term detox program professionally designed to cleanse your body of toxic build-up and set you on a path to a cleaner, healthier diet and lifestyle.

It is what you do every day that makes the biggest difference to your health. Many elaborate detox program are promoted and sold on the internet, which may or may not promote effective clearance of toxic waste from the body. However, if the diet and lifestyle are not permanently cleaned up, an occasional detox program will do little to promote long term health.

The Detox For Health program focuses on whole fresh foods and supplements that support your body’s natural detoxification processes, resulting in a feeling of renewed health and vitality. It may be used as the kick-start to your overall healing program.

The detox program will be modified to your individual needs – but in all cases, will involve removing all diet and lifestyle sources of toxins, healing your gut, and improving clearance of waste via your liver, colon, skin, kidneys and lymph.

In most cases, the detox For Health program is done over 3 weeks, using a menu of wholefood meals and snacks that will satisfy you, provide key nutrients that assist detoxification from foods and fresh vegetable juices, improve colon function, and rehydrate your body.

By eliminating sugar, processed foods, caffeine, nicotine, alcohol and non-essential drugs, your body’s resources for efficient processing of any accumulated waste will be freed up, and elimination via your colon and other organs becomes more efficient.

Some people may experience mild discomfort during the first week or two. This phase tends to pass quickly, and we will address any symptoms by modifying the program, where necessary.


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