If you want a practitioner who

  • really listens to you
  • helps you to understand your own body
  • has integrity
  • Uses appropriate and accurate analysis technique
  • Has a strong orientation towards diet as your main medicine
  • Reasonable rates

You have come to the right place!

Elspeth practices what she preaches and has over 19 years experience in full time clinical practice, helping people regain their health and create healthy choices that become a new way of life.

Diagnostic and treatment options are chosen based on your unique health condition. You will leave your consultation with a clear understanding of why you are unwell, and what needs to be done to restore you to good health.


  • Initial Naturopathy consultation $90

    One Hour

  • Follow up consultation $65

    Half hour

  • Children’s Naturopathy consultation $55

    (under 15 yrs)

  • Reflexology $65

    One Hour

  • Chi Nei Tsang (abdominal detox massage) $85

    One hour

  • Intro/cold and flu mini consultation $45

    Twenty minutes

Concession rates : 10% off consultation and all products

I am happy to tailor your treatment to your budget. Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you have financial concerns.

Evaluation Techniques


Every person’s iris is a unique mandala, a colourful pattern describing the dynamic within.

Your iris shows your constitutional tendencies, your strengths and weaknesses, current areas of irritation and stress (both emotional/mental and physical), and core nutritional requirements.

Your iris helps you to know what you need to do to take care of yourself now and in future.

The structure, shapes and colours in your eye all have meaning, and when interpreted and understood, offer the wisdom of self understanding.

The purpose of an Iridology consultation is to empower you with this understanding and to offer guidance to support to help with specific health challenges (current or future potential).

Iridology does not diagnose diseases.

It is an analysis of the structure and appearance of your iris to describe tissue function and emotional and personality aspects.


While Physical Iridology and Rayid are concerned mainly with the coloured part of your eye, the iris, Sclerology  is a science that is concerned with the markings and colourings in the whites of your eyes (scleras).

As a trained Sclerologist I practice the art of interpreting these signs as indicators of compromised health.

The presence, shape and appearance of blood vessels in your sclera, and the presence, colour and form of coloured and/or gel signs can all be interpreted to gain understanding relating to your health.

This can show up more information about current organ and system imbalances, many of which are difficult to see in the iris.


A Rayid analysis describes your unique and individual dynamic – how you perceive and react to events and circumstances in your life.

The mandalic patterns in your eyes can show you which qualities need to be developed in order to overcome fears and resistances, allowing you to soften and open to the world.

Rayid is particularly useful in helping to resolve conflict between family or group members, because it allows for greater understanding and acceptance between people.

When the light of awareness is shone on a situation, changes can happen with grace.

Rayid  is a perfect companion to Iridology and Sclerology.  When used together, the three sciences greatly assist whole person healing, in a deep and lasting way.

Your dietary history and other lifestyle factors provide a good indication of your probable body pH imbalance. PH refers to the balance of acid and alkaline in your body. Today’s lifestyles, where stress, lack of sleep, diets rich in processed foods and drinks and lack of fresh fruit and vegetables are the norm, find themselves suffering symptoms caused by too much acidity in their bodies.

Body pH can be tested using samples of your urine and saliva. A detailed questionnaires about your dietary intake and lifestyle can provide the best indicator of excess body acidity.

Body pH is often considered to the the foundation of good health. It is my firm belief, after 24 years of clinical practice, that there are few health conditions that do not improve as a result of returning the body to an alkaline state.

When your body is alkaline, your cells get more oxygen, you have more energy, you age less quickly, you suffer less from pain and inflammation and your mood is brighter.

“My health has improved considerably. I’ve changed my kitchen and the food I eat. I like the way it is saves me time and is less cleaning up.

Mum said I looked 5 years younger. We’ve been sharing all we know about health and well being.  She needs to lose some weight after taking a 43 day cruise last year. Thank you so much. Kerrin”

To read more about the problems caused by body pH imbalances, and how you can change your diet to become healthier and more energetic, please read the articles I have written to inspire and encourage you by clicking here.

This test is performed at a professional analytical laboratory using a sample of your hair.

The report measures over 25 essential, toxic and important mineral ratios.

As many as 30 metabolic indicators can be shown on a Holistic Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis report.

You will receive a detailed report showing your results in graph form (see the sample opposite, which is just the fist page), and a written explanation that explains the results in simple language.

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis is charged at $120.00

Please contact me if you would like to collect a test kit, or have one posted to you.

You can then collect your own hair sample and mail it off to the testing lab yourself.

Functional medicine pathology tests are used to investigate the functional, biochemical, nutritional, metabolic and hormonal status of your body. The tests may be done using saliva, urine, serum or blood spots.

Functional medicine tests can help to identify the underlying cause of your illness, as well as provide the tools for prevention of disease and premature aging.

Some examples of the many tests available are described on this page.

Complete Digestive Stool Analysis

For the more severe, complex or long-standing digestive complaints, a Complete Digestive Stool Analysis is the only way to ascertain exactly what part of the digestive system needs the most focused attention. There are 5 levels of detail possible in a Complete Digestive Stool Analysis, giving different degrees of detail in the results. The most appropriate level for you will be selected, depending on your symptoms and severity.

Three Day Parasitology

If parasites are suspected, a three day parasitology will make sure that the parasite is identified correctly, and therefore that the correct approach is used to remove them, A single stool sample is usually not sufficient to show the presence of parasites. Stool samples taken over 3 days provide a much more reliable measure of parasite presence.

Urine/saliva hormone testing

Your urine or saliva can be a more reliable indicator of hormone imbalances than your blood. One or more of the following tests may be recommended in order to focus your herbal and nutritional treatment more accurately:

  • Female Hormone Profile
  • Male Hormone Profile
  • Adrenocortex Stress Test
  • Cortisol Profile
  • Sleep Profile
  • 28 Day Female Hormone Profile
  • Melatonin Profile
  • Female Hormone plus Adrenal Profile
  • Male Hormone plus Adrenal Profile

Other Functional Medicine tests that may be used include a Liver Detox Profile, MTHFR gene mutation test, Gut Permeability test and many more.