Conditions I Treat

Conditions I Treat


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Chronic fatigue

Stress, anxiety and adrenal gland depletion

Thyroid disorders

Autoimmune diseases

Immune weakness

Weight issues

Aging/cognitive decline

Skin conditions

Allergies/food intolerances

Digestive complaints/leaky gut

Mood disorders, anxiety and depression

Addiction recovery support programs

Cancer support

Fertility issues

Pregnancy, birth and post natal care

Hormone imbalances

Chronic inflammation


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Every person’s iris is a unique mandala, a colourful pattern describing the dynamic within.

Your iris shows your constitutional tendencies, your strengths and weaknesses, current areas of irritation and stress (both emotional/mental and physical), and core nutritional requirements.
Your iris helps you to know what you need to do to take care of yourself now and in future. The structure, shapes and colours in your eye all have meaning, and when interpreted and understood, offer the wisdom of self understanding.

The purpose of an Iridology consultation is to empower you with this understanding and to offer guidance to support to help with specific health challenges (current or future potential).

Iridology does not diagnose diseases
It is an analysis of the structure and appearance of your iris to describe tissue function and emotional and personality aspects


While Physical Iridology and Rayid are concerned mainly with the coloured part of your eye, the iris, Sclerology is a science that is concerned with the markings and colourings in the whites of your eyes (scleras).

As a trained Sclerologist I practice the art of interpreting these signs as indicators of compromised health.

The presence, shape and appearance of blood vessels in your sclera, and the presence, colour and form of coloured and/or gel signs can all be interpreted to gain understanding relating to your health.

This can show up more information about current organ and system imbalances, many of which are difficult to see in the iris.


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