This is a place where your health comes first! The focus is on thoroughly investigating the cause of your symptoms and using an individualised treatment approach to restore your health, prevent future illness, and ensure life-long wellness.

If you are sick of getting sick, tired all the time, frightened by a medical diagnosis, confused about a diet, or baffled by what you have read on Dr Google, you will benefit from the guidance of a highly experienced, down-to-earth approachable practitioner – found right here!

Proven results with:

  • Immune problems

  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome/SIBO

  • High Blood Pressure

  • Allergies and Skin Problems

  • Inability to lose weight

  • Chronic Fatigue/adrenal fatigue

  • Menopause/PMT/Infertility

  • Anxiety, depression, brain fog

  • Children’s health


The philosophy of Naturopathy is to treat the whole person, not just the ailment.

The aim in Naturopathy is to restore health through nutrition, detoxification and regeneration.

In Naturopathy the aim is to help you to understand your own unique body/mind, and to adopt lifestyle practices that are right for you, and that will help you to enjoy good health and longevity.

Naturopathy focuses on the whole of you, not just the parts that are causing trouble.

When ill health happens, there is often something that needs to be understood, or something about your life that you may be overlooking.

The symptom is an invitation from your body to look a little deeper, and bring yourself to a greater sense of wholeness.

Naturopathy is not about the practitioner “curing” you.

It is about offering you advice, guidance and support while you heal yourself.

We may use cleansing and regeneration programs, herbs,  flower essences, dietary adjustments, essential oils and quality nutrients where appropriate to help you along the way.

While supplements, herbs and homeopathic medicine are wonderful aids in the healing process, it is what you do every day and over time that makes the biggest difference!

Meet Elspeth Taimre

Naturopath and Herbalist

Helps you to discover why you are sick, and what you can do to re-gain your health. Find out how to enjoy vitality and youthfulness you never thought possible!

Elspeth is a highly experienced practitioner, with 21 years in full time clinical practice. She has a reputation for “walking her talk”, and is passionate about helping you to regain your health, naturally!

Elspeth selects from a variety of diagnostic techniques to find the cause of your heath challenge and then assists you to find a solution by recommending (where appropriate) dietary and lifestyle changes.

Read more about Elspeth here.


"Hi Elspeth, firstly I want to thank you so much for all your help with Z and her whooping cough. She is now completely recovered. You are so thorough and thoughtful and professional in the way you go about preparing a path to health. I really believe she would still be unwell if we had continued to follow a conventional medicine path... which was "there is nothing you can do". How wrong they are! I feel very lucky to have met you and to know that you are there to help."

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